Best Natural Shaving Soap in 2023 (TOP10)

It can be pretty frustrating to find the best natural shaving soap. Now when the market offers you a variety of products, it might be difficult to find something that suits your needs. This is why we created a useful buying guide for natural shaving soap. We hope that it will help you to find the right product that you have been looking for.

Our 10 Recommendations for the Best Natural Shaving Soap:

The 10 Best Natural Shaving Soap Reviews:

Bestseller No. 1
Taconic Shave Barbershop Quality 3 Shaving Soap Variety Pack – Bay Rum, Eucalyptus Mint and Lime - Artisan Crafted with Antioxidant Rich Oils
  • Includes 3 shaving soaps. One each of Bay Rum, Lime, and Eucalyptus Mint - 4 oz. each!
  • Artisan crafted in New York's Hudson Valley with antioxidant rich seed oils, coconut oil, olive oil and bentonite clay for great glide
  • Naturally conditions, moisturizes and protects your skin while shaving
  • Creates a rich, thick and luxurious lather when used with a quality shave brush
  • Suitable for all skin types
Bestseller No. 2
Barbero Grooming Vegetal Shea Butter Shaving Soap Cedarwood 2 oz / 56 g Pack of 12
  • -Premium vegetal base for a rich lather
  • -Gives a comfortable shave and leaves the skin hydrated
  • -Enriched with shea butter, glycerin, and aloe vera -Delicately scented with cedarwood essential oil
  • -Free of synthetic colors and fragrance. Vegan. Not tested on animals.
  • -Made in USA
Bestseller No. 3
The Amish Recipe Natural Goats Milk Shave Soap For Men, Rich & Creamy Lather From Shaving Soap Puck for Men and Women, Traditional Organic & Natural Men Shaving Soap Made In The USA (Cedarwood)
  • OLD WORLD RECIPE: We use the finest ingredients when making the Amish Recipe shave soap puck, including organic goats milk. This shaving soap puck is perfect for ladies as well leaving their legs moisturized and silky smooth
  • RICH AND CREAMY LATHER: The top-quality ingredients of our natural goats milk shaving soap bar works up to a rich and relaxing shaving cream, that will well lubricate and moisturize will leave you wanting more.
  • OLD-FASHIONED BARBERSHOP QUALITY: Comfortable, clean finish for all skin types, including sensitive. Shave like a champion with our goat milk shaving soap bar and live the old-fashioned barbershop experience with the unique, organic recipe.
  • NO MORE BUMPS OR RAZOR BURN: Thanks to the natural properties of our goat milk and the additional butter fat content from Nigerian Dwarf Goats, you can safely use this shaving soap for men shave and leave your skin silky smooth and deeply moisturized
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS: We use the best oils we can find, adding that to our secret recipe our wet shaving pucks will leave your skin feeling like no other bar on the market. We are proudly made in the USA.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Lather & Wood Shaving Soap - Sandalwood - Simply the Best Luxury Shaving Cream - Tallow - Dense Lather with Fantastic Scent for the Worlds Best Wet Shaving Routine. 4.6 oz (Sandelwood)
  • LARGE 4.7oz SHAVE SOAP. A premium tallow based shaving soap for literally pennies a day. Get MONTH-after-MONTH of daily wet shaving satisfaction. Perfect with your favorite shaving brush and safety razor, multi-blade, or straight razor for the more daring type.
  • HAND CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES To Insure Highest Quality Possible. As wet shaving enthusiasts we have used all the major and micro brand shaving soaps, and this soap is nothing short of perfection.
  • SOPHISTICATED SANDALWOOD SCENT - This Sandalwood Shaving Soap has a wonderful earthy natural sandalwood scent. Not too strong, but subtlety lingers long after your shave. Pairs Perfectly with Lather & Wood’s Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil and Sandalwood Aftershave Balm.
  • CUSHY TALLOW BASED SHAVING SOAP - Ingredients like Tallow and Shea Butter produces a ridiculous amount of dense slippery lather. Our lather does not dissipate even after an hour of sitting in your shaving bowl. Amazing Lather, Moisturizing, Slip, and Protection eliminate razor bumps and shaving irritation.
  • TOSS THAT DRUGSTORE SHAVING CREAM IN THE TRASH - Lather & Wood Shaving Co. produces only the finest quality shaving and mens grooming products. Our shaving soap will leaves your skin feeling cool, refreshed, and clean. You'll never touch the commercial stuff again!
Bestseller No. 5
MÜHLE SHAVE CARE Aloe Vera Shaving Soap 65g
  • BENEFITS OF SHAVE SOAP: The purpose of using the soap is to remove the natural oil that is produced to allow for a cleaner cut. Shave soap produces a rich, creamy lather and fragrance with a brush that is thicker than cream and lasts longer too.
  • PLANT-BASED: The exclusive recipe stems primarily from natural plant materials, processed in harmony with nature. Numerous care components nourish and protect the skin. MÜHLE soaps are free of preservatives and contain trace elements and minerals.
  • MÜHLE SHAVE CARE: Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating properties and softens skin.  Aloe Vera is healing and moisturizing, perfect for sensitive skin. Sea Buckthorn is fresh and fruity with regenerative effects.
  • MÜHLE DIFFERENCE: Our actions are driven by an affinity with nature and a desire for the very highest quality. Expert know-how and pioneering spirit flow into every product, whether it be a handcrafted unique item or serially produced goods.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: As a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony we are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards.
Bestseller No. 6
Gentleman Jon Sandalwood Shave Soap; Glycerine 2.25oz
  • THE PERFECT LATHER - Gentleman Jon’s premium ingredients produce a rich, creamy lather that allows the blade to glide smoothly across your skin. The rich lather also protects your skin and will leave your skin smooth and fresh after a great shave.
  • LONG LASTING - The large 2.25 oz. size will last month after month, providing the same quality from start to finish.
  • SOPHISTICATED SCENT - The sandalwood scent will take you back to a simpler time and was designed to be present, but not over potent.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. - Crafted in small batches to ensure quality, our shave soaps are made and have been perfected right here in the U.S.A.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SHAVE - Shaving is a ritual, not a chore. It's time to grow up, toss out the aerosol foams and upgrade to Gentleman Jon shaving products to see what it feels like to shave like a man.
Bestseller No. 7
WSP Hypoallergenic Rustic Shaving Soap (Unscented) Artisan Made in America Using Vegan Natural Ingredients
  • Get a nice close shave with this shaving soap. The lather builds up quickly, has great cushioning and glide.
  • Natural vegan soap is gentle on the skin. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.
  • Wide mouth tin makes loading & storage easy.
  • Concentrated Soap Formula lasts longer. No water filler. 125 grams, 4.4 ounces by weight.
  • Hypoallergenic; Made in America using the following natural & vegan ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin.
Bestseller No. 8
Burdock Naturals Organic Shaving Soap - All natural cure for razor burn and bumps
  • ORGANIC RAZOR BURN & BUMP TREATMENT. Anti-inflammatory Burdock Root naturally moisturizes skin and reduces inflammation, eliminating Razor Burn and Bumps.
  • THE SECRET INGREDIENT - ALL NATURAL BURDOCK ROOT. The organic active ingredient, Burdock Root, has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial treatment. Proven to raise hair follicles for a closer shave and prevent infections and inflammation that cause razor bumps and burns. Natural Coriander and Rosemary also help soothe men's sensitive skin and locks in moisture for your beard all day long.
  • SAVE MONEY AND DUMP THE SHAVING CREAM! - Our 5oz bar of shave soap puck lasts for up to 200 shaves, which is 4 times longer than traditional shaving cream! In addition, our organic soap bar has no harsh chemicals and irritantants that are common in most shaving creams.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Whether you’ve got dry, sensitive or acne prone skin, this organic shave soap will give you a close, smooth and irritation-free shave and skin that smells great all day.
  • 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Stop using cans of shaving cream with chemicals, start using all natural Burdock Soap with 100% organic and natural ingredients.
Bestseller No. 9
Henry Cavendish Sexxy (Fresh Cedar Blend) Shave Soap for Men & Women - Premium Quality, All Natural, moisturizing Shaving Puck made with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil for a Rich Lather and a Smooth Comfortable Shave for Ladies and Gentleman. 3.8 Oz Puck Refill
  • American Made Shaving Soap easily creates rich lather: it lubricates razor for a slick, cushioned and comfortable shave. Lather is long lasting unlike many shaving cream, foams and gels which dry out.
  • Ladies Love the Addition of Shea Butter which leaves skin feeling smooth and nicely moisturized, not oily. Won't dry or irritate your skin like many shaving soaps, shaving creams and gels do.
  • Larger in size than average mug shave soaps: will last about 3 - 6 months. 20 seconds in a Microwave fits it to any size shaving mug! Minimal light scent (almost none) which is fresh without being artificial. Ladies seem to like it!
  • This shaving soap is a notch above other shaving products. With minimal all-natural ingredients, it has no artificial color or fragrance, and contains nothing you can't pronounce!
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Click on the add to cart button, up and to the right on this page, NOW!
Bestseller No. 10
Tierra Mia Organics Men's Moisture Rich Shave Soap Bar, 2.2 Ounce
  • Made with raw goats milk
  • Only natural and organic ingredients in each and every bar.
  • No sulfates
  • No parabens
  • No chemical preservatives

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What Should You Look For in the Best natural shaving soap?

We have done our review of the best natural shaving soap by analyzing top products available on the market. But it is also necessary for you to do your own research, so you know what aspects are important to you. First of all, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it worth to buy natural shaving soap?
  • What are the benefits that you need for natural shaving soap?
  • Your maximum budget for natural shaving soap?
  • Do you have a specific need for brand or quality?

When you know what you are looking for exactly it can make the process a lot easier. You can write down all the aspects that are important for you when it comes to searching for natural shaving soap. It will make the process of searching a lot quicker and more sufficient. Note that there is no need to hurry or push yourself when you look for natural shaving soap. If you want to have the best natural shaving soap for your need, take your time and enjoy the process.

In order to find the best natural shaving soap, thoroughly look for these aspects:

  • Brand: Before buying the product, search for information about its brand. This way you will know about the quality and durability of the product. Some brands give a longer warranty and this can be a great thing to consider.
  • Features: What makes the product different from the others? What are the main features that make it stand out? One of the most common ways is a unique design. Other methods of differentiation include a unique feature, a lower price, a higher quality, a broader selection, or a better reputation.
  • Specifications: Before buying consider what are the most important specifications of natural shaving soap for you. When look for that information in the manufacturers or sellers pages if you are looking for the product online.
  • Product Value: Consider price and value. Product might be expensive, but it might also be worth the price. It all depends on what you're buying.
  • Customer Reviews: Look for real people ratings and reviews of the natural shaving soap, this way you will know every detail that the manufacturer hid from the customer.
  • Quality: If product quality is the main thing for you, make sure to check on that. Online videos of product unboxing might help.
  • Durability: It refers to the ability of a product to last. Durability can be measured by the time it takes for a product to break down, the number of cycles it can endure, how well it resists corrosion, or how long its useful life is.
  • Color & Size: A product's success is heavily dependent on how well it stands out among the competition. Customers are willing to spend more money on products that stand out and make an impact. Size affects the amount that can be stored, the total weight, and the comfort level of the user.
  • Environmental Impact: Be sure that design of the product has been carefully crafted to minimize its negative impact on our environment. All of the materials used have been sourced responsibly and have a low carbon footprint.

We use this buying guide in the majority of our product reviews, we update the information and correct the lists of best products, this way you can find the lists of great products quickly and make a wise decision.

Frequently Asked questions

How much the natural shaving soap can cost and what is the correct price range?

The price of the natural shaving soap has to reflect the cost of manufacturing, research and development, advertising campaigns, retail space costs and so on.

Do I need technical knowledge to use the natural shaving soap?

Typically not. The more technical the product, the more time it will take you to learn how to use it. But for most products that are on the market today, a little bit of guidance will get you up and running in a few minutes.

What are the most important things to look for in order to make sure you don't regret your purchase?

Purchasing the natural shaving soap is never as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to consider before you make the final decision. Check our buyer’s guide for some of the most important things to look for, so you can avoid future regret.

If you find that some of the information presented in the article is incorrect, misleading, or wrong, please, let us know.